I'm thrilled to announce that Barnaby Never Forgets won the 2019 Blue Spruce Award as

part of The Forest of Reading program. The winners were announced during the Festival of Trees, Canada's largest literary festival, which took place mid-May in Toronto. Thanks to this program the nominated books reached over 300,000 young readers across the country and I am extremely grateful to have been part of it this year. Thank you so much to all the readers who voted for Barnaby, it was great meeting some of you during the festival! And thanks to the Ontario Library Association for putting together such an amazing event. Here are a few pictures from the festival.

I received from my publisher this lovely card signed by young readers who attended the festival. Apparently one of them likes potatoes.

With fellow Blue Spruce nominees. From left to right: Deborah Kerbel (Sun Dog), Jessica Scott Kerrin (The Better Tree Fort), Leanne Shirtliffe (I Love Sharks, Too!) and Kari Rust (Tricky). All extremely nice and talented people!

Backstage with the Blue Spruce sign carriers trying to get warm on this chilly day.

My adorable sign carrier who did a fantastic job representing Barnaby.

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