written by Sarah Lynn
illustrated by Pierre Collet-Derby

Mo and Jo don’t stink!

Mo and Jo, aka the Boulder Brothers, join JUMP-INTO-CHAPTERS with a series of pre-hysterical escapades. In the first Chapter, Me Stink?, something’s smelly! Is it Jo? Is it Mo? Is it both? Though kids will know who’s the real odor-offender, they’ll have fun watching the caveboys try to figure out the source of the stench.

Hide and Peek!, Chapter 2, has Mo teaching Jo how to play his favorite game. But does Jo really not understand the rules? Or is he a peek-and-cheater? And who will have the best ideas for warming up in We Cold! ? Will a prehistoric beastie mind when they try to borrow some fur?

Though Mo and Jo speak caveman-ese, educators can be assured that the accompanying narration will offer kids a correct rendition of grammar and sentence structure.

But don’t be surprised to hear Boulder Brothers’ fans declare, “Me want more MO AND JO!”

December 2014
Blue Apple Books
Hardcover / Paperback
89 pages
ISBN 9781609055011
Ages 5 to 9 (K-3)

“The uncomplicated illustrations are presented in colors and hues perfectly suited for a caveman setting.”
—School Library Journal


“The bold orange-and-brown illustrations are loosely in the style of cave drawings, though the two brothers are thoroughly modern in their mischievous attitudes and escapades.”

“Collet-Derby’s illustrations feature a palette of bold earth tones, with touches of contrasting color for background figures; thoughtful design helps newbies to distinguish the two boys—Mo with his red shoulder-draped animal hide and white speech bubbles, and Jo with his boxer-styled hide and black speech bubbles.”
The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

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